The weekend is coming, ARURF is live(by the way you can check my post about hidden op champs in ARURF here ) and it’s sounds like it’s going to be a fun “gaming” weekend. And since it’s Friday, it’s time for the Friday Post. The game that I am going to talk about in today’s post it’s the forgotten Pokemon GO, a game that last year, around this period, was the most popular game around the world. Now I don’t know how many of you are still playing it, but I want to take some time and talk about it.

unstoppablelol pokemon go1

I’m not really a hardcore player, I don’t play Pokemon GO like I play League but it’s a fun and interesting game to play when you have both time and a buddy pokemon trainer to go in different places with.

Since it’s release, the idea of going outside in order to play the game was really enjoying for me. Going for a walk in the park, relaxing and in the same time playing a game that is not tilting you…if you know what I mean xd.

I had 2 accounts: one of them which I lost and the second one, the one tham I am playing on now, which I switched to last winter. I’m not a high level, I’m level 29, but I can say that I have decent pokemons, not many, but at least they have good movesets. So what I am going to show you next are my top 6 pokemons. Oh and by the way, last day I’ve caught this little fellow: my first legendary pokemon!

unstoppable lol zapdos

This are my 6 best pokemons:

pokemons unstoppable lol

and there movesets are: Gyarados: Bite&Crunch, Vaporeon: Water Gun&Aqua Tail, Machamp: Counter&Dynamic Punch, Golem: Rock Throw&Stone Edge, Alakazam: Confusion&Future Sight and Arcanine: Snarl&Wild Charge.

What about you, are you playing pokemon go too? What are youre top 6 pokemons? Comment down bellow and let me know! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND AND LET’S PLAY SOME ARURF!


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