Ok guys so as I’m writing this article ORNN has already hit the PBE for testing and he is going to be released in 7.17. If you thought that Ivern had a unique,weird and game-changing passive, than you should see this guy’s passive. Usually I don’t enjoy playing tanks but I think I will really have fun playing (H)ORNN! Let’s find out which are the 8 items that he upgrades and how he upgrades them!

ornn unstoppable lol

As mentioned in the title you may have guessed already a part of ORNN’s passive: Master Craftsman, but we will talk about it in just a couple of seconds.

Before that let’s see the other 2 components of his passive: Living Forge and Brittle (a new effect).

Living Forge allows Ornn to “shop” from everywhere around the map, excluding consumables, by forging them himself. Forging an item takes 4 seconds and this process is interrupted if he enters combat.

Brittle is practically a new effect that Ornn applies to other champions by casting either his W or his R. In short this new effect makes immobilizing effects last 30% longer and take magical damage when this immobilizing effects occur.

Master Craftsman: Ornn and each of his team mates can purchase upgraded items:

Forgefire Cape

forgefire cape unstoppable lol

Infernal Mask

infernal mask unstoppable lol

Molten Edge

molten edge unstoppable lol

The Obsidian Cleaver

the obsidian cleaver unstoppablelol

Rabadon Deathcrown

rabadon deathcrown unstoppablelol

Trinity Fusion

trinity fusion unstoppable lol


salvation unstoppable lol

Circlet of the Iron Solari

circlet of the iron solari unstoppable lol

ATTENTION: Each player may only have one of these upgrades at a time!


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