Today we are going to talk about 야 찰, a Diamond V Korean Yasuo main…yes a KOREAN has the highest mastery score on Yasuo: 2.575.557 to be more exactly. Since the begining of the season he has been playing over 600 games with Yasuo only and stands at an impressive 55% winrate. How he managed that ?! Let’s find out 

highest mastery yasuo

야 찰 plays both top and mid-lane but preferably he plays Yasuo in the mid-lane, using Flash & Ignite. He also likes to aternate between Warlord’s and Fervor depending on who he is laning against.

What I really like about him(despite the fact that he is a Yasuo main) is that every match he is adapting his build depending on the enemy team’s strong and weak points(not abusing the same items over and over again-a common mistake among low elo players). The only two items that he uses all the time are I.E. and Statikk Shiv(giving him the amount of critical strike that he needs).

Two items that he chooses often and I don’t usually see on other Yasuo players are the Adaptive Helm and Thornmail, both of them having a very good passive for a champion like Yasuo.

Another interesting thing about this user is that he managed to climb from Silver, in season 5, up to Diamond in season 6. From Silver 3 to Diamond 3 to be more exactly, and this with the help of…Yasuo. He had a crushing 57%, with 1081 wins and 825 loses. Over 2000 ranked matches in total, but with a notable result: DIAMOND! GGWP!

Here you can watch him in a short video, Enjoy:


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