IT’S FRIIIIDAAAAAAYYYY !!! As I’ve said here , in a post regarding my future plans with this blog, it’s time for the friday post. Here we will get to know each other, I’m going to write about other games, movies, things that are not related to League in general. In today’s post I’m going to talk just a little bit about me(we will have time for this more in next week’s post)and more about the place that I come from.

friday post1

Starting from the beginning: my name’s Ionut, that’s Johnny in english, I’m 24 y.o. and I live in Bucharest-Romania(somewhere in Eastern Europe).

Mostly, in today’s post, I would like to talk(or rather show you some pictures because we all know that a picture is a thousand words) about my country. Although we are known by the world due to just bad things in general, that’s not all true.

So like I said I am not going to talk that much because I most probably will get subjective and I don’t want this to happen. Rather than that, I am going to show you some pictures and a little bit of history about Romania.


This is a picture taken in Mangalia, one of my favorites cities in Romania. You can find out more about this little city here .

romania wc 1994

In the World Cup 1994 held in the United States, Romania’s National Fotball Team(or soccer if you are american) managed to beat teams like: Colombia, United States and Argentina. Even though Gheorghe Hagi was the MVP, being called from then “The Maradona of The Carpathians, this was a team oriented succes and reaching the quater-finals was our biggest performance since then.


Speaking of The Carpathians, we have both the sea and the mountains here in Romania. So basically in the summer we go to the beach and in the winter we’re waiting for Santa Clause in a cabin up in the mountins. Oh and yeah we do have snowy winters and hot summers.

danube delta

The Danube Delta, here I am not going to say a word. If you like nature in it’s purest form just check out this link


Nadia Comaneci – the perfect 10! During the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, she became the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0, at the age of 14. Yes 14 years old!

sebastian stan

Remember this guy? Sebastian Stan from Gossip Girl? Well guess what…he’s romanian.

And in the end I will just let this video here and ask you why not get to know Romania? Enjoy and let me know a little something about your country too, down in the comment section or on my Instagram




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