3 CHAMPION CONCEPTS(and what they become)

Along the years RIOT had released 139 champions(if we count Ornn) each of them being unique in it’s way. In the process of creating a champion many ideas and themes can appear, changing the original concept of that champion. And that’s what im going to show you: some simple champion concepts and what they become!

unstoppable concept league

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Everybody wants to be a better League player! And that is a general truth. Even if you now play for fun, eventualy you will reach a point where you will take stuff much more seriously and want to get better. I’ve prepared for today’s post a bunch of tips that are going to help you at improving as a player. For most of you guys this this tips are known, but let this article be a reminder of what areas you should improve and how.

unstoppable lol tips

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The weekend is coming, ARURF is live(by the way you can check my post about hidden op champs in ARURF here ) and it’s sounds like it’s going to be a fun “gaming” weekend. And since it’s Friday, it’s time for the Friday Post. The game that I am going to talk about in today’s post it’s the forgotten Pokemon GO, a game that last year, around this period, was the most popular game around the world. Now I don’t know how many of you are still playing it, but I want to take some time and talk about it.

unstoppablelol pokemon go1

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Ok guys so as I’m writing this article ORNN has already hit the PBE for testing and he is going to be released in 7.17. If you thought that Ivern had a unique,weird and game-changing passive, than you should see this guy’s passive. Usually I don’t enjoy playing tanks but I think I will really have fun playing (H)ORNN! Let’s find out which are the 8 items that he upgrades and how he upgrades them!

ornn unstoppable lol

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IT’S FRIIIIDAAAAAAYYYY !!! As I’ve said here , in a post regarding my future plans with this blog, it’s time for the friday post. Here we will get to know each other, I’m going to write about other games, movies, things that are not related to League in general. In today’s post I’m going to talk just a little bit about me(we will have time for this more in next week’s post)and more about the place that I come from.

friday post1

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Last night I saw that League of Legends released a new /dev diary video on their YouTube channel. Ghostcrawler(one of the lead members of League’s design team) talked about champions, their state(future possible reworks) and what makes them come to life(what criteria they have to fulfill). I’ll put the video down bellow so you can watch it and be able to understand what I’m talking about.

successful champions

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