Hi guys! So my holiday is over and I’m back in business. As I’ve promised you (and myself), I will be posting here every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and soon I will launch my YouTube channel. I’ve been thinking of this for almost a year now but I feel like this is the perfect moment to do it. I had a lot of time to think about what kind of content I should make on this channel and I think that I found the perfect one.

from zero to hero unstoppable lol

Searching on YouTube(talking here just about League videos) you will most probably find the same content on each and every youtuber(this is not really a bad thing): Unranked to diamond series, people trying to climb up to masters or even challenger, stream moments, compilations, top champions for each patch etc.

The thing is that most of this stuff I can’t do. I thought about an unranked to diamond series in the past, but since I’ve never played a solo/duo ranked game in my life this could have been awkward. Maybe(most probably sure) I wouldn’t be able to hit diamond or even platinum by the end of the season, so it could have been a major failure. 

Talking about which champions and how to use them is not a good ideea as well. Since I’m a new player to the game, it wouldn’t be fair for me to give advice(you may say that I give advice on this blog, in fact those are just my opinions, you don’t have to take them as being perfect).

Since I am playing a lot of ARAM I was thinking that I should make a series around this gamemode. But then I realised that not so many of you are playing ARAM on a daily basis so after one or two episodes it could’ve been boring for you to watch it.

Finally I’ve came with the ideea that could work very well(in my opinion). If you follow me on Instagram I have there a picture with my mastery level champions. There you can see that I have 0 champions with mastery level 7(mb sry), meaning that I didn’t find my “main” champion yet. Seeing gbay99’s Completing League series and enjoying episode after episode, I realised what series I can make and the audience will not get bored. From Zero to Hero: selecting a champion that I’ve never played with and taking him up to level 7 mastery score(in various episodes not all of that in only one episode) with the final goal of having all League champions at level 7(or at least 20 for my first milestone xd). 

We all know that the no. of subscribers is the most important no. in a youtubers life. So I am asking you, if you like my idea and you want to motivate me in achieving my goal, a subscribe here at this moment would help me a lot( I know that it’s a little to much to ask you this but as a reward I will mention your name in my first video and you will always be recognised on my youtube channel).

Please let me know what do you think about this project. Will it work? The series is a good one? Would you watch it? Please let me know down in the comment section! 


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