As I am writing this article I’m on my way to the seaside for a well earned vacation. I really need it in order to put my thoughts together and come back refreshed and ready to go. Big plans and more than enough time to accomplish them.


I know that I’ve promised some time ago to be more active with posting articles on my blog, but I had a really BIG project to work on(I will write more about it in a future post, all I can say at the moment is that this project is related to games and playing in general).

The first thing that I’ll do after coming back is that I will post on this blog based on a schedule, as it follows: one post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll be posting related to League but I will try to make Friday a special day( writing more about myself, my projects, other games such as Pokemon GO, Fifa etc.)

The next big step is going to be launching my YouTube channel, a thing that I have in mind for over a year now. At the moment I don’t have a clear idea of how it will be but I am sure  that I will come up with something ASAP. Until then all I can say to you all is to have a GREAT summer and enjoy it!!!



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