Since the beginning of Season 7 I’ve really enjoyed playing ARAM and I’ve started playing it even more than normal games. In today’s post I would like to present you the advantages of playing ARAM but also some little disadvantages.

aram unstoppablelol


One of the things that I’ve noticed is the fact that players tend to be less toxic. They don’t flame, they don’t argue so much and in general they TYPE LESS IN CHAT. The main reason for this behaviour is most probably related to the champion they play. In ARAM, very often, you play champions that you are not familiar with. Not being familiar with that champion means that you may make some huge mistakes. Now, if you are not mentally ill (retarded), you mind your own business and you DON’T FLAME your teammates because most probably they are in the same situation as you are, or even worse, playing a champion for the first time. Usually players flaming in ARAM are those having level 7 on the champion they play, asuming that his/her teammates know how to play their specific champion at the same level as they do.


As I’ve said earlier, in ARAM you tend to play champions that you don’t usually play. And this is A GOOD THING! Why? Because not only that you may find a champion you enjoy playing(in my case: Bard, Aurelion Sol, Gragas, Akali, Ziggs, Zyra etc.), but you learn to play against that champion. Let us take my case: I don’t play Morgana (NEVER EVER) but forcing me to play her in ARAM I learn a lot of new stuff about her abilities, the way they work her CD, how to position myself etc. Keeping all of this in mind, this helps me when I return in Summoner’s Rift to play against her. Not only that, but knowing her CD’s also helps when you are playing along side with her.


Another thing that I like about ARAM is that the games end faster, they are not complicated at all, you don’t need to worry about other objectives than turrets and in many games you have fun. A couple of days ago I’ve played a Bard game, excluding the fact that I’ve used a shitty build(another good aspect of ARAM is that you can try new builds on champions) and we lost, what can be more rewarding than a TRIPPLE KILL ON BARD a 91% kill participation and a 14/6/16 score ?! Maybe letting the kills for a teammate but that is not my style xd :))


In my opinion and from what I’ve tested, some of the negative aspects of playing very much this game mode are the map awareness and CS’ing. In ARAM you tend to be much lazyer and if you play it to much you will have some problems correcting your CS and map awareness when you play in Summoner’s Rift again.



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