When he was first announced as a champion, most of the League community believed that he was going to fall in the troll champion category, just like Bard and Tahm Kench on their release. Despite having a unique jungle clear and a goofy design, since the beginning of the season, Ivern is constantly in the top wining rates. So what makes this champion so good?!

ivern league unstoppablelol

Farming wile in lane

Like I’ve said Ivern has a UNIQUE jungle clear. This fact allows him to “farm wile in lane”, putting pressure on the lanes like no other champion. Another aspect helping him to constantly put pressure on lanes is his W ability: denying vision with his bushes. In the case of a good Ivern player, this is game changing: beeing able to constantly put pressure on multiple lanes, take the farm and maybe grab an assist or even a kill. Due to this fact, every jungler starts the game with a major handicap.

2 Supports in game

The idea of having a support champion in the jungle seemd unrealistic untill his release. Now, in the current meta and with ONE SPECIAL ITEM in his build, the idea of having a second support in the team is not that bad. I am talking of course of Redemption, the item that gives Ivern a stunning 69% winrate. Having 2 supports in the team, both of them with Redemption not being on cooldown, makes a major impact in late teamfights(not only the healing but it also does true damage to enemy champions).

Double Buff

Last but not least, as many of you may know Ivern can split his red/blue buff with a teammate. Being a very important and unique aspect of his kit, but unfortunately many players ignore it’s importance. Just think about it: Ivern has both blue buff and red buff. This means that the ADC has himself a red buff and in many cases the mage midlaner, or even support, has the blue buff. This means that 3/5 players possess buffs(Ivern having both) wile in the enemy team in the best case a maximum of 2 players can posses one of this buffs.

In conclusion I think that Ivern’s winrate will continue to be up for a long period of time. In my opinion he is going to be very difficult to balance, he is going to be too overpowerd or too weak.


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