I’ve been thinking for a long time to write about this subject and here we are. These are the most common mistakes that people playing League of Legends (including myself) make. Hopefully, after reading this article, you may realise that you make them too and start working on them. I’ll try as well to give you some simple tips that can help you correct your game immediately, without spending hours and hours of practice.

unstoppable lol mistakes


If you use sites like op.gg, you can easily notice that people in Low Elo (Bronze, Silver and Gold) tend to use less trinkets, not to mention control wards, than the ones in Higher Elo. Vision is one of the most important aspects of this game!(Please keep this in mind) In my opinion this is THE BIGGEST MISTAKE that people make. Not only the support, but the whole team needs to buy wards and learn how to place them corectly(further into the river if your lane is pushed, in the enemy jungle to know his position etc). Next match you play try placing not only more wards, but also efficiently. I think that this week I’ll write a more in depth post about this aspect.


And here,for the moment, I’m not talking about farming in the laning phase. Have you ever noticed the loooong periods of time when your/the enemy jungle camps are still alive? That means precious gold that it’s not used by neither of the teams. Ever wondered how much? 286 Gold for the “Blue Side” and 372 for the “Red Side”. Seems like a good amount of gold that many of the players leave behind.

Of course that many players have farming problems overall, but those are mechanical problems and they can be improved in time, by practicing A LOT. Instead, what I’ve wrote about the jungle camps, can be improved and it’s not difficult as well. Remember you are not Ivern, you’re no friend of the jungle, you need that gold.

Gold Usage

OMG! How I hate it when a 5/0 Riven spams having 2000+ Gold. What’s the reason of having gold and not investing it? And this brings us to another big mistake: gold usage and its timing. If you’re ahead on your lane but you don’t make advantage of your gold(by buying the correct items), you will slowly start to lose that lead. Take advantage of it: kill your opponent, push the wave and GO BACK TO BASE AND BUY SOME ITEMS. Only in this case you will continue to grow and develop your lead even further. This is one reason why you usually see people falling behind in the late game even though they won their lane(excluding the champions that naturally fall behind in the late game).

This are some of the mistakes that I’ve noticed. Let me know what do you think about them in the comment section bellow and if you liked it I’ll make a second part of it.




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