It’s been a week or so since the release of: Rakan “The Charmer” and Xayah “The Rebel”, the support and marksman duo, that is appreciated by all League of Legends community. Today I want to take some time and talk about XAYAH, the marskman and why I think she might be the next Yasuo.(not as a meme but as a champion overall).

xayah new yasuo unstoppablelol


Since her release, I’ve managed to play a couple of matches and from what I’ve seen she is pretty…awkward to play. Even though her kit is amazing and really fun to play she needs extremely cautios positioning, and trust me you will be punished for every little mistake that you make. So here comes what I like to say THE YASUO EFFECT: matches going 10/0 or 0/10, incosistency, going 1v5 when you are fed etc.


Her early game is crap, you need at least 2-3 items to get going, and her playstyle is rather passive.

Like I’ve said her early game is crap, she can be punished hard  if you make the wrong decisions and rather than chasing, you should let your enemies chase you. In my opinion this is THE MOST often encountered mistake: people play her aggressive and thus can use her E properly.

Again comparing her with Yasuo, if she manages to pass through the early game grabing a few kills she will be UNSTOPPABLE! As in the case of Yasuo, another important aspect of her early game(and game in general) is the matchup, having a rather sizable list of counter picks.


Another thing that I’ve noticed is that she really needs a good support! And when I say a good support I mean the support CHAMPION not the player playing that champion. Team comp is very important, I might say it’s the most important when playing her. Why? You need some time in teamfigts to position yourself, the feathers(most of your damage if not all of your damage comes from them) and make a full combo. For that you need a good composition, a little bit of CC maybe some shields etc.

So just like Yasuo, counting on minions( charging his q, or his e dash) to set up a fight, Xayah counts on her support!


I agree that regarding this aspect I’ve messed up. It’s difficult for this kind of champions to find the proper build in such a short time. I’ve tested some builds and I’ve made some huge mistakes(warlord’s+bloodthirster NO NO!) and what I’ve discovered is that just like Yasuo’s case, if you mess up with the build…you mess up the game. Even if you are 10/0 by making this mistake you can easily go 10/10.


Don’t be greedy!!! You will be punished so hard, like I’ve said it’s better to be chased.

In conclusion, even if Yasuo and Xayah seem not to have very much in common, in the next few weeks you will see THE YASUO EFFECT. Having a bad Xayah on you team, feeding and in other matches having the same champion carrying like a monster. This small details in her kit will make the difference between a GOOD and a BAD Xayah player(just like in the case of Yasuo).

P.S. : I will keep on learning how to play her and I will be a dirty Xayah main!




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