Edit: Few minutes after I’ve posted this Riot released the official Teaser !!! Read bellow, it looks like I wasn’t wrong

What’s up LEAGUE OF LEGENDS FANS ?! As you’ve seen, RIOT released what it seems to be a teaser for a new champion, the official sources being: Facebook, Instagram as profile pic and Twitter again as profile pic.

new champion unstoppablelol.jpg

Now I know that many people may think that it looks just like Kayle and this could be her rework BUT here is the official League of Legends champion update schedule and at the moment the only champions scheduled for it are: Urgot and Evelynn along side with the mid season Tank Update.

Again it can’t be a legendary skin on any existent champion(i.e. Quinn, Kayle etc.) due to the fact that in Patch 7.7 God Fist Lee Sin, a legendary skin will be released.

A week or two ago, Redmercy posted a video about some “leaks”(some of them might be true, some of them might be false…we will see in the future) I’ll put it here in case you’ve missed it. At the end of the it the discussion is about an early concept of a new Champion “Harpy and the Phoenix”. A duo champion, both marksman and support (which seems insane to me!!!), somehow humanoid birds, as we can see in this teaser. This might be the champion that we talk about!

Now we can talk and anticipate but I think that the best thing to do is wait and see what Riot has prepared for us. I really hope that this Champion exceeds every limit! Can’t wait to see his/her/their abilities.


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