It’s been some time since I’ve wrote about this subject: “highest mastery”, so I’ve decided to write about Bard this time. If you haven’t read yet here is the post about the highest mastery Aatrox. I don’t know how many of you play this champion but I have to say that I think that he is super fun to play(even though many people say he is useless).

bard highest


This time our summoner is going to be: monkded. He currently plays on NA server and is a 2.300.000 mastery points BARD main. What’s intriguing is that he is just level 5 on him, not 7 as many may think. And this is not even the best part!


Even though he is playing support his build is…let’s just say that is different than we may think…Here you are:

meciuri bard

He buys Statikk Shiv each and every match, I know that there were some discussions about this build some time ago, taking in consideration his initial basic attack damage.

What is more intriguing is the fact that he has played only one ranked game during the last 2 seasons and…he WON IT! Back in season 5 he had a 44% win rate on Bard but he continues to play him. Now that is what I call true love.

He loves this champion so much that he played him mid and jungler as well.(I think I may try him in the jungle as well xd..please don’t try this in your ranked matches!)

Let’s hope that he playes more ranked games in the future and that I will be able to come back to this post and edit it in order to talk more about him!


He is the first champion to be able to disable both Baron Nashor  and Dragon due to his Ultimate Ability.

Bard’s manner of speech is a way to keep the information he gives a secret.

The Meeps will occasionally whisper upon spawning besides Bard.

Reflecting this, when a  Meep spawns, they will occasionally whisper “Utora”, who is one of Bard’s audio designer, Riot Utora.


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