ADC 2k17 LUL

The marksman role is having a rough time, but is it really useless? Let us take a look at the influence that bot lane has in the current state of the game and why I think that they aren’t complete garbage, they are just not played at their full potential.

adc 2k17 lul

Season 7 brings a lot of changes, now more than ever you must prioritise objectives rather than “kills”.

Putting it simply, bot lane it’s the easiest place to take the first tower. 4-man bot lane dives is at the moment the best tactic, used both in high and low elo. After this bot rotates to top, in order to take the T1 tower. Being 2 v 1 after switching or even 4 v 1 if the team dives again. Opening both lanes, it’s just a matter of time until the mid T1 tower comes down. Tempo has become a critical part of the game, by taking early T1 towers you force your opponent on the back foot:you can control the enemy jungle, objectives, etc.

Talking about Marksman in particular, Jhin and Ashe have the biggest engage potential, their ultimate has multiple applications later into the game when looking to: siege, tower dive,  or just force a teamfight.

The reason we see marksman struggle in solo queue is because solo queue is UN-COORDINATED ! So do you play it right, or you’re just an “adc 2k17 lul”?


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