We start with this subject a new series: SHORT POSTS where I am going to write about different stuff related to League of Legends. Mainly the posts will be short an straight to the point, so let’s begin with my question…is Sivir back in META?victorious-teaser_article-banner

Since my bae(Miss Fortune) has been nerfed in this patch, I’ve started playing some other champions as well. Lucian and Sivir seemd to be decent,actually good, taking in consideration that the first one received some pretty big buffs in this patch.

I haven’t played Sivir in a long time and I’ve been really surprised to see how good she is right now. A real lane bully, great team fight potential, split pushing at its best and more over a barrier that blocks the next incoming enemy ability.

Essence reaver, bloodthirster, I.E./phantom dancer is the usual build that I use, along side with Fervor of battle.

Try it out and tell me what do you think?


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