I’ve seen a lot of League related YouTube channels so I’m going to present you my top 5 YouTube League of Legends channels. It’s been really hard for me to choose as there are a lot of good content creators out there so this top may have some honorable metions as well. What’s your favorite youtuber? Let me know in the comment section bellow.

5 yt channels


One of my favorite youtubers, he’s an ADC main creating great league content, which can help you improve your game. He explains it clear but also in a funny way. If you don’t know him yet you can check him bellow:


He is Phylol’s brother, a jungler main also having a funny but educational way to explain things. If you are a jungler looking to improve your gameplay you should definitely check him out:



Mostly known for his “Actual Champion Spotlight” series, he is one of the funniest league content creators. Although he has been a little bit too lazy recently, he still does a good job.If you don’t know him yet:



I really enjoy  his “Road to Rank 7” series and also his weird builds that actually work(Tank Jhin in the top lane in example).Usually he isn’t doing commentaries, he is more of a montage youtuber. So if you enjoy this kind of youtubers you should wach him too:



I’ve recently started waching him and his “Choose your own adventure” series, where you as viewers…you should just just check this out xd:


Brofresco – some vids are interesting

Gbay99 – I like the way he tilts xd

RossBoomsocks – must see, trust me



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