lol_promoart_4.jpgA couple of days ago I’ve started my flex queue placement matches, just for a training for the real deal: SOLO Q. I’ve seen that many people play random champs or only one champion during the entire season. For those of you who don’t know what to play I recommend making a champion pool out of which you can choose the one that best fits your team comp,style etc at that moment.


For each role I am going to choose 1-2 champions that I master at a decent-good level and some champs that I need to learn(playing them in normals and flex queue).

In the top lane I have some big problems, beeing an ADC main I really don’t know how to farm with melee champs, and I rarely play this role. For this reason I am going to play TEEMO(do not judge me) who is in fact a Marksman and maybe I will buy Quinn and learn her, I don’t know at the moment.

The champion that I want to learn is MAOKAI but I will most probably play him after the tank rework.I really need to learn how to farm with melee champs.


I like playing in the jungle but in low elo this could be very annoying, having teammates flaming, asking for ganks every 10 seconds etc.I think that this will be my secondary role.Here I also have a problem because the champ that I rely on is going to have a major update: AMUMU. The other one is the brainless Master Yi(cowsep will be proud of me xd) going for this choice when I think that I need to carry the games.

The champions that I want to learn are: GRAGAS and KINDRED both in my opinion being fun to play. Playing Gragas would also help me learning how to hit my skillshots.


The role that I hate playing the most…the jungler can gank from both sides, I need to roam, to have a great map awarness…it seems like to much for me and my level of playing.

So the champs that I will most probably pick are easy to play and can have a great impact: ANNIE and LUX.For the learning champion I am going to chose a more difficult one: AURELION SOL.


Nothing much to say, when my team needs a tank I will go for SION and when it will need some extra ap I’ll choose SONA. I also have 2 champions that I want to learn:one ap and one tanky:BARD and BRAUM, both having interesting kits.


This is my main role so here I have a large variety of champions.Mostly I will pick between: MISS FORTUNE, ASHE and JHIN. This are the champions that I feel comfortable playing with and can go well in many team comps. The ones that I want to learn are: DRAVEN and TWITCH. If I learn to play Draven it will help me a lot, I will improve my CS skills and also my positioning(many times I have problems regarding this aspect).



1 You must main ONLY ONE ROLE.

2 Since the autofill system is enabled this season, you should know the basis of each and every role

3 Pick champions that are easy to play and you are comfortable playing with

4 Take in consideration win/ban rates when making a champion pool(overall not only the current patch since you will be using them over the entire season)

5 DO NOT play op champions if you don’t know how to play them, stick on what you know to play very good



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