For the first time I feel that this top should be made out of 10 champions not 5! This is MY PERSONAL top 5 most hated champions to play against or in the same team! Please let me know how your top looks like in the comment section bellow.




Maybe one of THE most hated champions in the game. Not only that he is frustrating to play against, but many times when you have him on your team he is feeding, flaming or going afk. It seems like you always have the “bad” Yasuo on your team and a godlike one on the enemy team.

Mostly, out of all his kit(dashing, crit chance, low cd..etc.) I hate with all my guts his WINDWALL ability! As an adc main every time when I have to lane against an adc/support Yasuo I start hating my life. I feel useless when by the 20th minute mark I barely have 50-60 CS.



Going 1 v 5…”report noob supp”, “team?”…how annoying is hearing that all the time? Sincerely, I’d rather play against a Vayne rather than having her in the team. Not even the Riven mains are as toxic with their teamates(overall they still are the most toxic) as the Vayne mains. I understand that this champion has a massive potential(especially lategame) and can turnover a game but there is a small line between turning over a game and throwing it away.”/all: Report my team no help”.



How can I not include Riven, the champ with 34562234 dashes in my top?! Riven can easily go 1 v 3 get the tripplekill and get out alive because she can spam abilities like no other champion in the game. Also Riven mains always start the game with the idea that they MUST hardcarry the game.NO! In some matches you just have to be humble and let your team carry the game, after all League is a game based on teamwork not always going 1 v 5.

There were some statistics that listed the champions based on how often they ragequit. Riven was number ONE with almost twice the number of ragequits of second place!!! Speechless…



When RIOT announced the release of Camille I thought that she is going to be fun to play(maybe she is, don’t get me wrong) and having a high learning curve. First game I saw her: 12/0 and 2 towers already taken down by the 20th minute, surrender, gg ez. Sure having a dash, shield, a leap on your ultimate(becoming untargetable during this leap) and TONS OF DAMAGE while being tanky seemd to be a good idea to RITO. Whell it isn’t..and the numbers say it all..70% ban rate in her first 2 weeks and a win rate of over 60%.



I simply hate her kit and her playstyle, both when she is against or in my team. Despite the Riven mains I have nothing to say about people who main her, it’s just that I see her as a way too passive support who only stays in the back and heals…nothing more(and nothing more to say about her xd). In my opinion she is much more annoying than any other support, not even Janna is as annoying as her. NOTE: She is the only team reliant champion listed in my top, but still she makes me tilt so much!



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