Today I want to take some time and talk about AR URF(all random ultra rapid fire) and the reasons why I think that this gamemode isn’t as fun to play as the classic URF.


Last year RITO thought it would be a good idea to combine All Random All Mid with Ultra Rapid Fire in ARURF and add it to the rotating game mode queue. Their reasoning was that people play the same champions over and over again, ruining the game and making it boring. That seemed to be a good idea, keeping in mind that they also introduced the banning system(removed in this year’s URF) you could avoid those broken champions that they said about.

Taking my example, in one of my matches I was instalocked with Veigar(I have lvl 2 or 3 on him and I usually don’t play champions like him). At the begining I was happy,knowing that he is OP in this gamemode(I could stack a lot of AP and be one of the broken champs)…BUT I had to lane against a Syndra(level 7 mastery score) and Varus(which is op due to lethality). Being constantly one shoted under my turret made me tilt so much…The match ended and I thought it was only a coincidence that he was given his main champion. The next matches I had to play against a Draven main, Vladimir main, Hecarim main, Yasuo main…

Now tell me how is this supose to be fun and equal?! At least in the old URF I could pick something that I believed to be op AS WELL AS THE ENEMIES! Having diversity in this type of gamemode is not necesarlly a good thing(playing firts time a champion against a broken one ISN’T FUN AT ALL). It doesn’t matter if you win or lose in URF and in my opinion I didn’t have fun playing with champions that I never played before(because yes the champions from the free rotation count as well) against the champions that I’ve listed before. Of course you could say that I should trade or reroll but this isn’t a true solution for this problem, at least in my opinion.

Should RITO release the old URF?Or both at the same time?What do you think? Are you having fun playing AR URF?


One thought on “IS AR URF AS FUN AS URF?

  1. I think they should have both ARURF and URF on at the same time, and change URF just a little bit by making it draft picks and bans so there aren’t always mirror matchups of op urf champs

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