ARURF is back, for the first time in 2017! The 80% cooldown, infinite mana game mode, but with randomized champ select is live from 24.02 – 28.02. In the good old times everybody would instalock Lux, Zed, Hecarim, Katarina etc. But now with the ALL RANDOM feature implemented we should take a look at some hidden op champions. Share your thoughts in the comment section, what champs are hidden op in your oppinion?

NOTE: I’ve seen a lot of people flaming in the recent matches…you should not forget that this is a FUN MODE so its main purpose is…HAVING FUN! Enjoy the game!




If you have ever encountered an AP Malphite in your Normal or ARAM games than you will know what I am talking about. Imagine this on steroids…

His Q has a 60% ap ratio, his e has a 20% ap ratio and don’t forget that his ULT has a stun, 400 Magic Damage when maxed + !!! 100% AP RATIO !!!…100%…




Again another monster when build full ap. Keep in mind that all of his abilities scale with ap:  Q has 100% AP ratio, W has 70% AP ratio + an aoe silence and  E 30% ratio. If he reaches the 20th minute mark he can literally one shot you with his ult. Trust me scoring a penta with this champ is not that hard.




OMG I hate this champ(not only on URF). If you have the “luck” to lane against a Syndra main in URF…you’re going to have a baaad time. She is going to make you tilt so bad. When she reaches 6 she can kill you easily even under you turret. I’ve played against a Syndra last night…1750 dmg in 0.03 seconds.




HAPPY HOUR INCOOOMING !!! Ok his is not that OP but he is really fun, especially with his 1 seccond stun on his E ability. Again all of his abilities scale with ap, so you can go full ap with no problems. This being said, get drunk and get some fun!


P.S: I personally prefer Spirit Visage rather than Liandry’s.



Again a good ap scaling champion(as most of the op URF champions).Once you hit level 3 you can dash 3 soldiers all over the lane every second. Now tell me that this is not OP. You don’t even have to walk, just sit back and enjoy!

P.S.: In my opinion he is one of the hardest champions to master in the game…so you should keep that in mind.





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