TOP 5 Champions For LOW ELO


If you are trying to figure out what champions to master for carrying in low elo(Bronze, Silver and Gold), you are in the right place. I’m going to present you the 5 champions, one for each role, easy to play that have a great impact and can hard carry in lower ranks. Also this champs have a consistent win rate over the patches and a pretty low ban rate.



One of the easiest champs in the game, Garen can be a real pain in the a*s if you play him right.Even if you go full tank you can’t go wrong. The most common build is: Black Cleaver, Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage. With a ban rate of 1,96% and a win rate of 50% Garen is an easy pick for some free ELO. Watch out for: Ryze, Kayle and Quinn.



Cinderhulk, Dead Man’s Plate + Spirit Visage and you can still do decent amounts of damage. With a ban ratio of JUST 0,23% most surely you will be able to play him from bronze up to gold with no problem. His strongest point is his passive that helps him not only to clear the jungle but also when you make a bad decision(just stay back and heal). Watch out for: Elise(but she isn’t played that much in low elo), Maokai and Lee Sin.



You have a root, a barrier, poke and an ult dealing 500+75% AP…All of that and only a 1,95% ban rate and a consistent win rate of 49-50%(which is not that bad as you may think). Having a consistent win rate of 49-50% means that the certain champion is balanced(not the case with lux) and won’t receive any nerfs or buffs soon. Morellonomicon + Luden + Deathcap and the game is over. Watch out for: Yasuo, Zed and Fizz.



OMG I hate this champion in the enemy team. She has damage with her q, healing and movement speed both for her and her allies. And not to mention her 1.5 seconds stun and 350+50% AP damage on her ultimate. Try Lich Bane on her and you will not regret. Currently she has a 53% win rate(one of the highest) with a… 0,24% BAN RATE! Watch out for: Blitzcranck, Thresh and Leona.



As an ADC main I strongly recommend this champion. Having one of the easiest ultimates in the game(you just press R) you nedd to learn only how to position in the team fights. Personally I use the TRIPLE LETHALITY BUILD on her(Yoummu, Edge of Night and Duskblade). Currently she stands at a 2,72 ban rate(just because lethality is pretty broken) and a 55% winrate. Watch out for Draven, Caitlyn and Varus[I would add Jhin as well for the current patch(7.3)]


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